1:-SWEPTAIL BY ROLLS ROYCE ($13millions/85crores)

There are many cars which we can drive but if we have to talk about the most expensive car all over the world so the one and only name which comes out is the Sweptail by Rolls Royce, it is officially the most expensive car costs around $13 million(₹85 crores) in the whole world.
          Talking about the car, Sweptail is all hand made customized two door coupe with a 6.75L V12 engine having an output of 338kW and ZF 8 speed automatic transmission, but the Sweptail is known for its luxury, which is from its name Sweptail (swept tail) the look of Rolls Royce Phantom, the sunroof gives you a sky view while driving the 2 door luxury, the interior is polished with Macassar ebony and open pore paldao wood, the dashboard is analog type and machined with titanium, the sidewalls are having attaché cases for the laptop an there is also a case for hat.
           These all make the Sweptail a luxury drive for those who are having too much money but want to buy a real classic luxury.

2:-MAYBACH EXELERO ($8millions/₹52crores)

EXELERO is another super luxury car with a great brand name that is MAYBACK. The EXELERO is powered by the twin turbo v12 engine made by MAYBACK only, it generates 690hp/510kw at 5000rpm, it’s top speed is 218m/h(350km/h) and 0-100 in 4.4sec, It is having alloy wheels of 23 inches diameter with disc brake both front and rare. The material used in the interior of the car is dark and red leather, neoprene, glossy black carbon fiber, and aluminum. The EXELERO has sports seat with red harness seat belts.
                                      The EXELERO as it is the powerful luxurious machine which can take you to 350km/h with a brand name of MAYBACH really deserves the price value of $8million.

3:- KOENIGSEGG CCXR TREVITA($4.8million/₹31crores)

Talking about Koenigsegg It is another big name in the field of sports cars, giving an experience of speed to the people.
            Trevita is made from sparkling silvery white carbon fiber and it is powered by a 4800cc aluminum V8, 8Ltr. 4 valve per cylinder engine with a top speed of 410km/h and 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.
          Although Trevita is a good heavy class sports car for the rich people who want to chase the wind sitting in the driver seat of a $4.8million fantastic vehicle.

4:- Lamborghini VENENO ($4.5million/₹29crore)

Here is another big name in the world of automobile that is the Lamborghini, with a spectacular can VENENO. It is made aerodynamically perfect to feel the racing DNA of Lamborghini on the everyday roads.
                    The VENENO is inbuilt with a 6.5ltr aspirated V12 engine having the top speed of 355km/h.
          VENENO is having aeronautical design and stability to give the people a joy of flying over the roads emerging in the front face arrow shape and razor-sharp lines gives
feel of extremely hot looking beauty on four wheels.


Ferrari, one of the most exclusive names between sports car company, but the Pininfarina Ferrari p4/5 was originally an Enzo Ferrari purchased by Mr. Glickenhause and he redesigned that with Pininfarina to make it a futuristic sports car.
The P4/5 can accelerate 0-100 km/h in 3.0 seconds And it has a top speed of 233mph(375km/h), it is inbuilt with a Ferrari F140 B V12 with a capacity of 5998cc each with 4 valves engine and 6semi-automaticspeed transmission.
            The exterior of p4/5 is made with carbon fiber reinforced plastic and added butterfly doors. The advanced aerodynamics gives the nice downward force to run over the roads.

6:- LYKAN HYPERSPORTS($3.4million/₹22crores)

LYAKAN the name itself is a brand since it is produced by W Motor’s an Arabian company, so it will obviously be having extreme features and Qualities.
The LYKAN is having a mid-rare pistoned twin turbocharged flat six engine which generates 750hp and a speed of 395km/h with 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds.
    Because it is an Arabian thing, how can we forget luxury that’s why The LYKAN is having LED with white gold surrounding encrusted diamonds. That does not end up here buyers can choose between Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire with the suitable color choice. The interior is stitched with boast gold leather and virtual holographic display.
      Hence the car really worth it to be expensive in the world with a great price of $3.4millions


Now here comes the Bugatti, another lead maker in sports cars field, the very known rival of sports car industries but the beauty which here attracted us is BUGATI CHIRON. Chiron is a fantastic fantasy for the speed lovers because its speed is electronically limited to 261mph(420km/h) otherwise it is believed that it can reach up to 288mph(463km/h). The CHIRON has an 8ltr quad turbocharged w16 engine which can produce power up to 1103kW and this is not a joke because just imagining ourselves at a speed of 400km/h can give nice goosebumps so it is not less than any adventure to drive such a beast which hose over 400km/h.

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