SUVs will the first choice of anybody who wants to go out for a road trip or tour with friends or family because of SUVs are the most comfortable and spacious vehicles which can go no road and off-road as well, but what if someone is having superpowered and luxurious SUV roaring over the road, a super SUV with all the luxurious and advanced technologies.


The Lamborghini URUS is such an awesome car having the sports car DNA  and functionally an SUV, which gives a thrilling sense of adventure with all the satisfaction, it set up a benchmark by crossing the speed of 300km/h. The URUS is the first of its kind it is the first Super Sports Utility Vehicle.


The URUS is an SUV from Lamborghini, therefore, it purely reflects the Lamborghini in its design and some iconic shapes like ‘Y’ and hexagons are clearly visible on the body of the URUS. All the surfaces made are perfect for the SSUV, the muscular Surface of the URAS makes it look Strong and secure and as a Lamborghini, it is having sharp edges a streamlined body design.


The URUS is designed to feel the power and fun together and the Sound produced by its engine adds a thrilling touch to the senses of the driver, the very first Super SUV has a sporty a strong personality and is safe to enjoy the drive. The Special ANIMA(Adaptive Network Adaptive MAnagement) me the car driver friendly.


The Interior of the customizable but the permanent features are mind blowing all the way, the aeronautic design gives the car a flawless look and the instruments are placed according to the comfort of the driver, there are three TFT screens for instruments, infotainment, and comfort functions 1 for each, also a virtual keyboard with handwriting recognition feature. The selection of materials can be done according to wishes such as leather, wood finish, aluminum or carbon with stitching in contrast.


The URUS is powered by specially developed 641hp(478kW) 4.0L twin turbo V8 engine, URUS is a front engine all wheel drive and reaches a top speed of 190mph/305km/h making it the fastest production SUV.
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