The Ford Mustang(Mach-1) is an awesome thing people have ever seen on the planet Earth and it is continuously evolving since the world saw the first Mustang in 1965, but the Mustang 1969 is one of the most favorites of all the Mustang lovers.

1969 mustang

The 1969 Mustang was an awesome road ruling machine which owns heart of millions of people all over the world, still it is so popular that it is chosen by the people today also, people are crazy   about this fabulous creation from the ford, every person who can drive a car would love to drive this beauty because the Mustang is truly made for the passionate human beings who love to drive crazy. The Mustang is also a fabulous choice because it does looks so much beautiful that anyone will get attracted to its design.

Today when we have so much of advanced technologies and developed equipment to customize it according to our own choice and requirement, people modify the Mustang in a whole awesome and perfect way so that it uses to look new and modern with a proper vintage style design, they also works over the performance so that it fly over the road with a great speed.

The 1969 Mustang was originally an amazing car ever made in the history, the custom styling included a fiberglass front end with a combination loop bumper/grille that increased the car’s overall length by 3 inches (76 mm), as well as five air intakes on the hood.

Every 1969–1970 Shelby Mustangs were produced in 1969, because of a decrease in sales and the remaining 1969 cars were assigned with new serial numbers and titled as 1970 Mustang. They were introduced with modified front air dam and blackout paint treatment all around the hood scoop. New models added to the lineup included hot rods like the Mach 1, giving the Mustang its muscle car Look and feel. Quad headlamps inside-out and the grille opening was firstly introduced in 1969 and decorated with a pony and tribars logo, off-centered from driver’s side.

1969 mustang

The fastback body type was called as Sports Roof in the history of Ford. The Mach 1 proved popular with buyers with 72,458 cars sold through 1969. Mustang was available in three body types, those are a fastback, hardtop and convertible an all of them were 2 doors. There was a large verity of engines were used in the Mustang, from the 200 cu in (3.3L) I6 to the 428 cu in (7.0L) cobra jet and super cobra jet V8.  The Mustang was implanted with two types of transmissions 3-speed manual and 4-speed manual.


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