Cars always use have a special place in the heart of men as well as women too😉 but men keep the car as their Queen but women always wanted to be the queen of the king having a nice luxurious and costly(obviously) CAR. And this tradition is going on for years and years so let’s know about some special vintage 4 wheelers which ruled over the hearts from a long ago and still loved…



The Camaro is one of the very much demanded and loved car among the people, it is also among the best muscle cars for a long time. the 2nd gen Camaro was one of the most demanded cars during it’s the manufacturing time, the 2nd gen Camaro was not that much attractive in design but the market created by the 1st gen Camaro gave a nice price rise to the 2nd gen Camaro, also it was the best selling car of 1979 by beating the sale of Ford Mustang.
The layout and engineering of the 2nd gen were similar to the 1st gen, it had a 4097cc and 4.1ltr 6-cylinder engine with 4-speed manual transmission which generates a power of 166kW and reaches a top speed of 200km/h.

9 TOYOTA 2000 GT

Sports cars were very popular in the past and still people are crazy about them but talking about the Toyota 2000 GT this was the first Japanese sports car came into existence, Japanese were waiting for their own sports car during the 50s when every rival company were having a good speedy sports car and the dream comes true when the Toyota launched its first sports car 2000 GT  in 1967, the car was not assembled in the production line of Toyota, it was completed by YAMAHA.
The 2000 GT was a front-engined rare wheel drive, it had 1988cc 6 cylinder V12, with a 5-speed manual transmission which generates a power of 112 kW to attain a top speed of 217 km/h.


We all are well known of the brand “Ferrari”, it is very famous from a long ago, during the 70s the Ferrari was planning to make a wind chasing machine, and the result for that was the 308 GTS, which was launched in 1975. The material used to manufacture the car’s body was glass reinforced plastic(GRP) hence the car was so light weighted(1,050kg), but afterward in 1977, the steel was added to that which increased its weight by 150kg that was not also too much of weight. The looks were awesome as the 308 was too classy reflecting the style of the 70s decade.
There was a V8 engine installed in that at 90-degree configuration, it had a twin overhead camshaft per cylinder bank driven by a belt, with a 5-speed (Dog leg) manual gearbox, which generates a power of 188kW at 6600 rpm to reach a top speed of 226 km/h.


Beetle is one of the unique cars in shape because it looks like a bug or we can say beetle so here’s where it is said as Beetle, but actually it was an idea of very known leader of  NAZI, “ADOLF HITLER”, he wants to make a simple and cheap car which can run over the roads of Germany by common people hence it was called as the people’s car, it was first rear engine car and it is the most manufactured car of any company worldwide.
Basically, the Beetle’s production begins in 1938, it had a 1100cc rear mounted engine with 4-speed manual transmission, it was originally designed for 25bhppower with a top speed of 100km/h.


Porsche is a well-known brand and a real luxury vehicle manufacturing company. Moving into the history of Porsche the 365 was the first car produced by the company during the era where there was war everywhere in the world, the 365 was sold between 1948-1965, the car was a racing car during that time, when no one was interested in making a big investment in any such business irrelevant to war, Porsche dare to take the risk as 365 model, and today it is really a collector’s car with all antique and vintage features.
The Porsche 365 was having a rear engine, with 4 cylinder overhead valve which was naturally aspirated with 2 valves each cylinder and a volume of 1.6ltr which generates a power of 59 bhp/44kW at 4500 rpm. The power was transmitted by 4-speed manual gearbox to reach a top speed of 163 km/h(101mph).


The 250-GTO was a real legendary car of its era loaded with Racing DNA, The Real Racing Drive it wasduring its production years(1962-64) only 39 units were manufactured of that, which made it on of the most expensive car in the world because back in 2014 it was once sold for$38.1millions(more than 247 crores in INR) in an auction, but there is another hearts stopping news about 250-Gto is that a white Ferrari 250-GTO was sold for $56millions(More than 364crore Rupees), now this is called a great amount for a car.
After knowing that the car has a very heavy price, let’s go under the hood of the precious one. The 250-GTO is having the engine of capacity 3 ltr with the V12 cylinder at 60-degree layout and 2 valves for each cylinder, which generates 296bhp/221 kW of power, driven by 5-speed manual transmission. These all combine to take it to a speed of 254 km/h.

BMW 507

Roadster was one of the most popular car types in the 19th century and BMW-507 was a branded Roadster with a very high cost, BMW wanted to import thousands of units of 507 to the US, but it reached a very expensive price making a huge loss to BMW, but the interesting fact about 507 was, it was owned by famous celebrities like ELVIS had 507 and even Jean Marais  also had the car.
The 507 was inbuilt with BMW’s Aluminium alloy OHV V8 engine of 3168 cubic centimeters, it has close ratio 4-speed manual transmission it takes 11.1sec to reach 0-100km/h with a top speed of 196 km/h.


4th gen Lincoln continental was the 1st successful 4 door sedan after World War II of Lincoln before that Lincoln was just on the point to get shut down but the idea of 4thgen saved the company. In the year 1961(1st production year), Lincoln was thinking to produce 24,000 units of the Lincoln Continental (4th gen) but due to high on road demand, they sold more than 25,000 units of the Continental. After that, the development keeps on moving and Lincoln made the car for president[ LINCOLN CONTINENTAL PRESIDENTIAL] the greatest achievement for any car. The continental was also appeared in “James Bond Classic GOLDFINGER”, the car also appeared in MATRIX TRILOGY. This is how the Lincoln is a great car forever.
The Lincoln was having a front-head V-8 7044 cc gasoline engine, which was able to produce 223kW/304bhp of power with a top speed of 190 km/h or 118mph with rare wheel drive and 3-speed automatic transmission.


Willys MB the Military vehicle. The specially designed jeep for the US Military during WORLD WAR II was Willys MB, it was one of the first military four-wheel drive used in war to carry goods and people in the war zone even though it was also used to transport weapons and arms in battlefield, MB was a perfect thing for the military men and later on it was also available for civilians.
 Willys MB was having 4 cylinder front mounted L4-134 GO-DEVIL Engine with 3-speed + reverse transmission and generates a power of 45kW MB was able to run at a top speed of 104 Km/h(mph). It was always a tough military vehicle which was available in military colors.


Model-T the first car for the middle class was like dream comes true because it was the first time in the history that middle-class people were going to drive a personal coach of affordable price by the grace of Ford Motors. The production of Model-T was started in 1908 and it was the first car of its age to be produced in a mass quantity on a moving Assembly line.
The Model-T was inbuilt with 177cc(cubic centimeters) 2.9liter front mounted inline four-cylinder engine with a top speed of 72Km/h(45 mph) producing power of 15kW(20hp), the Model-T was able to run on gasoline, kerosene or ethanol but later ethanol was proved as impractical fuel, in the beginning, the engine was cooled by water pumps but later thermosiphon was introduced for the cooling engine purpose. Model-T was planetary gear type with 3-speed manual transmission. From 1908-1913 the model-T was not available in BLACK but rather in blue, gray, green and red colors after 1913 the most famous black color comes into existence.

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