1,500 HP Toyota Supra Swerves To “Dodge Obstacle” At 140 MPH, Ends Up In Guardrail

TurboZentrum’s heavily-modded Toyota Supra A80 crashed earlier this month during the TTT half-mile drag racing event held at the Lausitzring racetrack in Germany.

According the company, Yalcin Belen, who was driving the 1,500-horsepower dragster, had to swerve to avoid an obstacle while doing around 220 km/h (137 mph) in fourth gear.

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As a result, the Supra lost traction and, moments later, did a 180-degree turn, hitting the right guardrail with the left side. It then hit it again, this time with the right side, and also crashed into the left guardrail.

“The sudden change of lane posed a threat even on the straight stretch of track. This is because the highly specialized drag race slicks are not designed to cope with the forces generated, which caused the car to sway from side to side”, TurboZentrum explained. “This, combined with recently dried asphalt, resulted in a loss of traction – and ultimately caused the tail of the sports car to swing off the track.”

Thankfully, the driver was unharmed and managed to exit the car on his own. The Supra, on the other hand, sustained damages all around, as the aftermath pictures reveal. The engine was undamaged in the accident and it will be “ready to attempt more records” next year, TurboZentrum said, while also hinting at a possible world record attempt.

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